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Integrity M.D. & Aesthetics is now partnering with you in order to create “a better you “by offering a weight management program and a variety of Aesthetic Procedures designed to help you feel good and look great.

Integrity M.D. Aesthetics believes that medical care is more than an appointment and a diagnosis.  We believe in forming a bond with our patients to help them achieve their health and cosmetic goals.   “Partners for a Better You” is not just a tag line for our practice; it is a belief system for the entire staff.  We are caring experts, passionate about providing exceptional service and the products to suit your needs.

Integrity M.D. Aesthetics  has a state of the Art facility, in which the moment you walk in, is going to be “all about you”, has been designed with your health, comfort and safety in mind to allow you to relax and enjoy every second of your visit knowing that you are getting the attention you deserve.   We know that we are living in a stress-filled world; this is why we wanted to add services that would make you look good and feel great. We want to offer our patients an environment where, as soon as you call for an appointment, you are going to be taken care off, professionally and efficiently. The aim is to help you disconnect allowing a better mind set and to get the most out of your time while you take care of yourself.

Integrity M.D. & Aesthetics

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Message from the Director

Dear patient:

Obesity is one of the leading cause of disease and death in the United States and worldwide, playing a role in comorbidities in more than 50% of the general population,  in diseases like Coronary Artery Disease,Hypertension, Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, Arthritis, even Cancer and many others.

It is so exciting for me that now at least we have ways and alternatives to offer the patients in their struggle to lose weight , be healthier and look better ( also) with the associated improvement in well being and selfesteem.

Going from the all natural aid with some supplements if you want to lose less than 10 lbs or want to do it slower, to the more involved weekly program including lipotropic injections and appetite suppressant with nutritional support from us, and accountability built in when we measure you and weigh you weekly , as well as the included EKG and labs to maintain optimal health and supervision, our programs are designed to help you and support you step by step, to your goal weight or as close to it as you want , transitioning you into the Maintenance program to keep your progress.

Let us help you develop a better way of life to maintain your optimal health.