Therapeutic Massages

Therapeutic Massages
Unlike ordinary massages, therapeutic massages are used to help patients with chronic health conditions or injuries.  A manipulation of the muscles and tissues, therapeutic massages help to stop and ease stress, pain, and discomfort. At Integrity M.D. & Aesthetics our certified massage technicians will carefully create a massage treatment that meets your needs, at an affordable price. It is important to us that we handle our patients with extreme care, as many suffer from injuries and ailments.

The benefits of these Therapeutic Massages can be life changing, and relaxing to say the least. Some of the benefits of massages include:

  • Increase in new tissue cells
  • Establishes a normal neurologic function in the soft tissue
  • Mobilizes restricted joints
  • Promotes healthy cartilage
  • Strengthens weak muscles
  • Increases oxygenation of the tissue


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